The Coin Skim - Issue #1

Hi Internet! Welcome to our first edition of Coin Skim. Too busy to read multiple articles and resear

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The Daily Coin Skim

Hi Internet! Welcome to our first edition of Coin Skim. Too busy to read multiple articles and research regarding the state of Cryptocurrency? We got you covered. Get up to speed in 5 minutes!

Stop frantically wasting time researching a coin (Source:
Bitcoin reaches another all-time high price
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Graph for the last year (Source:
Just when you thought Bitcoin (BTC) couldn’t continue to increase it’s value. The uber coin soared beyond $4,000 (USD) to peak at $4,483 (USD). It is currently trading at $4,432USD).
The Breakdown: It is not expected that Bitcoin (BTC) would slow down anytime soon. However, keep in mind that a lot of “FOMO” (“Failure to Miss Out”) speculators are stampeding back to buy up the coin.  These are the folks that missed to buy the coin for the last 7 years thinking it was a fad. 
Alternative Coin To Watch - AirBnB for Hard Drives!
Think about when you were in college using DropBox or Google Drive to share your homework/project files with your fellow classmates. You were subscribed to one storage company. Imagine a technology where anyone in the world can sell their extra personal computer/drive storage. This would essentially decentralize file storage while providing high-end security utilizing blockchain technology. Currently the price is an all-time low since it’s release which makes it an attractive coin. Here is the founder David Voric explaining the project during the MIT Bitcoin Expo in 2016. I only strongly follow coins that have a project behind them to solve real-world problems. There is a lot of “shitcoins” out there such as DogeCoin (nothing personal doge) that really provide no value. In the near future, we will be providing more background to the project behind these alternative coins that everyone in the crypto community is talking about. 
Don't worry doge, we still love you! (Source: GPHY)
-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hopes that we can leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.
-Total Crypto Market Cap Is Greater Than Money Stored in 64 Countries Combined
-David Sacks claims PayPal was the beginning of the end for centralization of payments. 
-NEO becomes the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization
-Ripple (XRP) is looking to build a presence in China. 
Getting Started with Cryptocurrency?
If you are a seasoned cryptocurrency hobbyist or a beginner, I want to take advantage of this first issue to demonstrate how to purchase these digital currencies in a secure manner and what to track. 
  • Wallet - There are two types of wallets (hardware and digital) but we will only first cover the latter for this issue). This is where you hold/keep your digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The most utilized and popular digital wallet is Coin Base. Here you will be able to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) using USD via Credit Card or Bank Account. The only caveat is they charge a premium in fees during purchases. 
  • Exchange - The purpose of a wallet is to hold/store your digital currencies and its not really meant for trading. If you want to engage in trading cryptocurrencies, I highly recommend you open an account on any of the major exchanges. If you already joined Coin Base, I would use their exchange (GDAX)  to start off and get the feel for it. Especially when the fees are significantly lower than Coin Base’s Digital Wallet. Personally, I enjoy the clean user interface of GDAX displaying real-time data charts. The only downside is that there is currently no mobile app for this exchange. You will have to use a Desktop Browser to conduct trades on the GDAX exchange. Meanwhile, you can still track real-time prices for BTC/ETH/LTC on Coin Base’s mobile app for Android/iOS. How to trade with other exchanges for alternative coins will covered in the following issue. 

Join one of the most active Bitcoin Communities Online
For those beginners, I recommend checking out the Bitcoin subreddit to engage in one of the best online communities dedicated to BTC. It’s a busy time of the year over there!
Coin Skim does not provide nor intends personal investment advice regarding cryptocurrencies. Please conduct your own personal research and reach your own conclusions regarding cryptocurrency trading and investing. 
Please provide feedback regarding our first issue at If you are interested in listings, please contact us as well. 
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