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Welcome to Issue #2! Share our cryptocurrency newsletter with friends and colleagues. Don't leave the

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The Daily Coin Skim

Welcome to Issue #2! Share our cryptocurrency newsletter with friends and colleagues. Don’t leave them behind. Too busy to read multiple articles and research regarding the state of Cryptocurrency? We got you covered. Get up to speed in 5 minutes or so!

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surprises the Cryptoworld
After steadily holding for $300 (USD) after the Bitcoin (BTC) fork on Aug 1, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has exploded to triple it’s value in the last couple of days to around $900 (USD). There is no other explanation than to be mindblown to events that transpired in a short period of time. Especially when you consider that Bitcoin (BTC) has been rallying to an all-time high. 
Alternative Coin to watch - Civic (CVC)
Sign up screen for wikiHow (Source:
One of the more exciting technologies out there for as both an online business owner and consumer. Civic’s Security Identification Platform intends to authenticate without the need for traditional physical IDs, knowledge based authentication, username/password, and two-factor hardware token. All of this decentralized behind the ever so powerful blockchain. On the other hand, this technology will also help consumers get alerted instantly whenever their SSN is misused. Existing services only notify you after the damage/breach has already been made. 
As you can see on the image above, many businesses are massively adopting this technology at an enterprise level. This team solves a real-world problem, it has a terrific team and its ripe for mass business/consumer adoption. 
Imagine a future when you don't need to login with FB/Google. (Source: GIPHY)
-The SEC eyes regulation for cryptocurrency ICO’s and its risks. Currently, US residents are not allowed to invest in ICO’s. We will be monitoring closely all upcoming regulation talk. 
-Central Banks will be too slow to adopt change. Where have we heard this before?
-Ethereum hard fork “Metropolis” will occur late September 2017
-Binance, one of China’s biggest exchanges, will add OAX, DNT, MCO, ICN.
-Dash increases to all-time high after Arizona State University partnership.  
WALLETS! A must buy for serious believers
We slightly covered digital wallets in the first issue and there was some confusion regarding my explanation of a “digital wallet” on Coin Base. I was wrong to coin that Coin Base is a digital wallet. It does not meet that definition due to the nature of not being an owner of the private key. Therefore, do not intend to use Coin Base to store your digital assets. Only when in the position of trading to exchanges. There is some that fit the technical definition of a digital wallet such as Electrum. However, I highly recommend making the purchase of a hardware wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies in the most secure manner. The exchanges are prone to being hacked and software bugs that could potentially cause the loss of your coin holdings. As these currencies are catching widespread popularity, One of the most used wallets is Ledger
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - What the hell is it?
I understand the confusion. For many folks prior to April/May 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) were essentially foreign language. Those that come from a stock market background know what Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) are. They occur when a private company seeks for equity financing to the markets.  Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO) follow a similar structure but for two different purposes. Create a new coin which is different to Bitcoin and has it’s own unique feature or create a new project, for which to work a special currency is needed. The equity is raised via crowdfunding, so everybody can take part of it. Later on the bought equity can be sold on some specific crypto exchanges. This is similar to startups, so you invest in the idea behind it and hope they get profitable. A crypto equity is equivalent to a crypto token. 
This has gotten a lot of attention from regulators and it comes to no surprise. Read about how an entrepreneur got a call from the SEC when he announced the crowdfunding. They are mainly looking at ICO’s that should be classified as securities instead of tokens. I will be keeping close tabs to regulatory news for future editions of this newsletter. 
ICO’s to watch in the near future
For those that don’t reside in the US and are interested in investing in an ICO, there is quite the list to go through. Some of the major ICO’s have already happened but still some gems to be launched. Monetha’s (MTH) token sale launches on August 31. This project boasts an all-star technical and business development team to include former PayPal executives. The project will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies leveraging smart contracts. Based on the information saved during the transaction, clients and  merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, view ratings etc. Their history is then recorded onto the immutable Ethereum blockchain so that others can make well-informed commercial decisions.
What is Monetha? - YouTube
Recommended Exchanges
This can be a tedious thing when trying to trade from one exchange to the other depending on the cryptocurrency. Some coins are not available in certain exchanges. Here is a short list of the more reputable exchanges:
  1. Coin Base/GDAX
  3. Bittrex
Avoid the likes of Ether Delta (Not very good) and Poloniex (Withdrawal issues). 
Many would think to transfer BTC between exchanges but I have experienced much quicker transactions utilizing ETH and then swapping it for the alternative coin of my interest. Expect some 20-30 minutes or so for your order to be confirmed during the exchange transfer. Once the currency is in the exchange, you can execute the trade instantly without delay. 
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Please provide feedback regarding our first issue at If you are interested in getting featured, please contact us as well. 
 I am still trying to gauge whether we should only do every other day issues or every two days. 
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